The Sports Centre SKODA is considered the best in Greece and one of the finest in Europe. Includes all the necessary areas which are housed in a total area of 790 sqm.

It is part of an overall installation which also includes the SKODA XANTHI ARENA and the hotel unit “Le Chalet”.


During your stay at Le Chalet you can use the sports facilities that surround the hotel services. There are several soccer fields that can be used by groups for team play or workouts and tennis court for the lovers of sports.


Make reservation for your training period and train in the modern facilities of Le Chalet. For as long as  the training period lasts, you can book the entire Le Chalet for the tranquility and the preparation of your team for the new season.



In the premises of the Sports Centre exist all the necessary infrastructures for an integrated football team preparation.

♦ 7 football training pitches, of which two are illuminated with floodlights
♦ 1 mini soccer pitch 5x5
♦ 1 tennis court
♦ 1 basket court
♦ Parking
♦ Lockers for three groups (160 sqm)
♦ Sauna - Jacuzzi, Hammam and massage room (70 sqm )
♦ Ergometric center which includes CYBEX, treadmills, bicycles (60 sqm )
♦ Modern physiotherapy clinic, fully equipped with the most modern equipment recovery (60 sqm)
♦ Store clothing (40 sqm )
♦ Laundry - tumble (30 sqm)
♦ Building that houses offices and locker rooms for coaches (60 sqm)
♦ House gym fully equipped with the most modern equipment (160 sqm )
♦ Recreational room for the players, including Bar, Video - Wall, Flipper, entertainment games( 145 sqm )
♦ Apartment for the restorers (50 sqm)
♦ Church
♦ Auxiliary spaces





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